Marty Kutas Watercolors

About Me



Transparent watercolorist residing in Western New York

Signature member of the Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society 



I paint to interpret the beauty that I see in the world.  I especially like to express my love of flowers, nature, classic architecture and ordinary people enjoying life. 

 My formal education was in mathematics, but I’ve enjoyed painting and drawing all my life.  These seemingly opposite interests blend together in a style that emphasizes balance, perspective and detail.  Shapes of nature are important.  If perhaps I paint a bouquet of yellow flowers, I want to show the miraculous detail that differentiates a daffodil from a lily, a tulip or an iris. 

 I am infatuated with the texture of an old stone wall, barn boards, bricks, rippling water, an old man’s beard and the prickly surface of a pineapple.  I delight in sunlight on a flower petal, the long shadows of late afternoon and the complexity of angles created by light on a building.

 My training in art has been through private and public art classes and workshops with local and nationally known artists through my affiliation with the Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society. 

 It is often said that learning to draw or paint is really learning to see.  I hope that my paintings are a legacy of how I see my life here on God’s good earth.