Marty Kutas Watercolors

Captured Images Series


Thinking about how a camera "captures images", I considered how I, as a painter, might interpret "captured images" in my watercolors. The resulting series shows favorite themes of flowers, butterflies, frogs, etc. "captured" in a web of colors and shapes.  Notice how the subjects of each painting are sometimes behind the net, sometimes merge with the net, and sometimes they poke themselves out of the net, ready to escape my  painter's snare. 

Originals are matted and framed.  The price is $250.00 each.

Prints of the originals are available for $35.  They are matted in either black or white.

Both the originals and the prints are 16x20 matted size.


                     HOPPY DAYS                                           SHADY CHARACTERS


                    COY KOI                                                  ROCKS 'N' ROBINS



                   STAMEN ALIVE!                                         LUNA ECLIPSE


                     WINE TRAIL